Employees will experience your culture in different ways and even describe it differently. With all the other challenges your business faces, We can see why culture takes a back seat. 
As Rita Gunther McGrath wrote in Harvard Business Review, the landscape has shifted from looking for that long- term, sustainable competitive advantage to managing more of a portfolio of “ transient advantages,” moving from one short-lived advantage to the next.

What is FTP Synchronization?
The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a standard network protocol that is used for digitally transferring records and files between their originating location (host) to another cloud-based server or system. 
You can now sync your employee records and related demographics from your HR Information System (HRIS) directly into the QuestionPro Workforce employee roster.

The urban dictionary definition of “having your cake and eating it too” is essentially saying “you can’t have two desirable but contradictory options – you have to choose.” This is a common paradigm for researchers in consumer insights when it comes to response rates and data quality. 
Response rates fall as survey complexity goes up –

Market panel research is a method for collecting data repeatedly, from a pre-recruited set of people. These individuals generally provide demographic, household and behavioral data, which can make conducting future studies easier.
Market research is continuously evolving on a day to day basis. This change is due to the evolution of the style of collecting data and the tools used to collect data.

A good questionnaire is the soul of a survey that can make or break the quality and impact of the survey. No survey will achieve the desired impact and garner expected results unless it has a good questionnaire. A sample survey asking the wrong questions in the wrong way to the wrong people at the wrong time will decrease the quality and value of your survey.

Measuring an organization’s culture can be challenging. While some parameters can be clearly defined there are certain others that can be a little to point out. Culture assessment is a process that helps organizations differential between the ideal and real culture. 
This includes an organization’s expectations, core values, philosophy and the behavior of the employees associated with a particular organization.